Superman: O Filme - Rumor diz que longa ganhará versão remasterizada

O ano de 2018 marca o 40º aniversário do clássico lançado em 1978

14/07/2018 17h16

Por Thamires Viana

O ano de 2018 marca o 40º aniversário de um dos maiores filmes de super-heróis de todos os tempos, Superman - O Filme, lançado em 1978. De acordo com o Caped Wonder, a Warner Bros planeja lançar uma versão em 4K UHD do filme. (via Heroic Hollywood)



The 40th anniversary is looking up! A 4K UHD of the first movie is coming! I have seen the stack of cans containing the original camera negatives for ‘Superman-The Movie’ at Warner Bros., and can now confirm that a new 4K scan (achieved with a new scanner) and remaster of the theatrical cut of ‘Superman-The Movie’ is underway. The box art featured here is a mock-up that I created and sent to Warner Bros. in March 2016 when I contacted them about doing a proper 4K UHD release. I have no confirmed release date. HDR may likely be involved in this release. More details to follow. Stay Tuned! Bill Hunt of and I will do our best to keep you posted about this exciting release! Please note that I am and have been communicating DIRECTLY with good folks who work for and with Warner Bros. about this release and future releases; I’m NOT getting this information from fans or other second-hand sources. If YOU learn anything of significance about this release, feel free to contact me at [email protected] I can then verify the information with WB and post it here and on my website if it is indeed “official”. Thanks! Jim Bowers, Editor, #christopherreeve #dccinematicuniverse #supermanthemovie #capedwonder #superman #supermanmovie #superman1978 #richarddonner #richarddonnersuperman #pinewoodstudios #dccomics #verisimilitude #superman40 #ilyasalkind #superhero #dccomics #warnerbrosstudios #4kscan #youllbelieveamancanfly #superman80 #superman80years #superman80thanniversary #sheppertonstudios #comicbooks #superhero #4k #4kuhd #superman4k #uhd #supermanthemovie4k #warnerhomevideo #sandiegocomiccon

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Vale lembrar que tudo ainda é um rumor e não há data de lançamento definida neste momento. O próximo serviço de streaming, DC Universe, também está previsto para incluir o filme clássico. 

Superman - O Filme foi dirigido por Richard Donner e estrelado por Christopher Reeve, além de trazer no elenco Marlon Brando, Margot Kidder e Gene Hackman.

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